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08 February 2011 @ 03:59 pm
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Another one bites the dust. I awoke with such disdain, it's ridiculous. But why is it that in my dreams I'm so fucking happy? I woke myself up before anything could happen, in a way I guess that's a sign that my body knows what to and what not to think, and when enough is enough. It was nice though, which confuses me. I could just take him as a made up reoccuring characterin my dreams (simply based on someone who I was previously heavily infatuated with). In this one, he was hesitant, which was different, unlike the usual persistant romantic. This time, I was chasing after him- and in this devilish nature, it was kind of exciting. He didn't want anything to do with me, and all I wanted was to hold his hand. And by the end of the dream I did. "What are you doing?" "You know you want to". And then he smiled, and we sat there hand in hand- and thn I woke up. I'm sure all of this happening was based on this whole new information that I've obtained recenty, but in a way, it helps me with closure. You know what they say, closure brings you one more step to freedom, to escaping. I'm happy- in a weird way, but still happy.

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